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Jigs are one the most versatile and consistent bass catching lures ever invented. Bass fishing jigs can match the hatch for crawfish, shad, and panfish like bluegills and sunfish. Jigs are highly effective all year and at all depths. Jigs are also known to be big bass producers for all species - largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and Kentucky or spotted bass. 

All jigs are produced here in the USA using premium components such as spin casted heads for weight consistency, Mustad UltraPoint hooks and hand-tied skirts.

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Workhorse Jig

From $5.49 - $15.49

Finesse Football Jig

From $5.49 - $15.49

High Roller Jig

From $5.49 - $15.49

Clean Sweep Swim Jig

From $5.69 - $15.99

PinPoint Jig

From $5.49 - $15.49