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StrongArm Shakey Head - 2 Pack

Brown Camo
Green Camo
Battle Brown
Grunt Green
Stealth Black

Ever looking for the perfect shaky head to fish crews, creatures, and big worms? The StrongArm Shakey Head is set up perfectly with a 5/0 wide gap Mustad UltraPoint hook. The wide gap gives plenty of clearance for a hookset and clearance for great penetration on the hookset. Worked around grass, ledges, rock piles, or any prime cover, the stand-up head design helps lure bass by pointing the tail of your plastic vertical - maximizing visibility. 

Redesigned! Our Battle Brown, Grunt Green and Stealth Black heads feature an updated design that stands better and features a centerpin screw lock. They are also available in 3/8 and 1/2oz!

2 heads per package