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DTT Spinnerbait (Tandem)

Acid Back
Chart Glimmer Shad
Glimmer Shad
Blaze Sexy Slaw
Chart Sexy Slaw

FIVE Bass Tackle DTT (Double Blade Tandem Type) Spinnerbaits are perfect for fishing along grasslines, starting fish higher in the water column, using a slower retrieve, or fishing in slightly stained water where double willows don't have quite enough thump. Highly polished or powder-coated, top-quality blades, paired with smooth-rolling swivels, give the perfect vibration in the water to attract FIVE big bass.  

The back blade of the DTT is centered over the 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point hook to promote high hookups and eliminate short strikes.

Bodies, wires, and components are made in the USA. Skirts hand-tied in USA using copper wire.