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Soft Plastic Color Descriptions

It's always hard to know exactly what a color looks like when you aren't in person. You know the colors the fish on your lake love and you want to make sure you do nothing but improve upon your past experiences! We made this handy guide for you to reference the colors in our soft plastics.




Black and blue solid swirl with red glitter. Great anytime darker baits are really producing. 

Black Beetle

Black with junebug green and red glitter

Cop Car

Black with blue glitter

FIVE Bass Magic

A rock solid performer under many conditions and locations. Incorporates the natural colors of both baitfish and crawfish. A mix of green pumpkin and watermelon green which gives a natural brown color with large blue glitter and small purple glitter for accent. 

FIVE Bass Wizard

FIVE Bass Magic with hologram glitter added

Green Pumpkin

Matches the traditional color - solid, nontransparent olive green with black flake. Works 365/24/7 on any body of water!

Jungle Juice

Laminated color - Green pumpkin with green flake and Sangria Candy

Melon Magic

Watermelon base with red, black, and hologram glitter


Traditional solid black


Laminated color (Each half a different color) - side 1 is Green pumpkin with blue glitter and side two is black with blue glitter. An AWESOME color on lakes anywhere, especially grass!

Pearl Glimmer

Shad and baitfish imitator. Great on clear water when you want to downsize the profile, but still want some flash. Pearl belly with clear back having silver glitter. 

Perfect Pearl

White pearl full body, no glitter. Great shad imitator. 

Pro Blue Pearl

Blue-grey pearl with white pearlized belly, no glitter. Great herring imitator. 

Swamp Punch

Laminated color – Watermelon seed green and white pearl

Watermelon Red

One of the most popular colors of all time! Watermelon green with heavy red glitter. Works in conjunction with Green Pumpkin and Beatdown to cover all water conditions. 

Wild Gill

An imitator for perch, bluegill and sunfish. A golden belly with clear back holding loads of blue, silver and touch of red glitter