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Why choose a premium jig?

Posted on December 11 2019

Why choose a premium jig?

What makes a premium bass fishing jig and why invest in it?

Jigs are one the most versatile and consistent bass catching lures ever invented. Bass fishing jigs can match the hatch for crawfish, shad, and panfish like bluegills and sunfish. Jigs are highly effective all year and at all depths. Jigs are known to be big bass producers for all species - largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and Kentucky or spotted bass. 

So why invest more on a premium jig?

- Handtied jigs last longer. Rubber banded skirts eventually degrade and fall or slip off. Handtied jigs can literally last dozens of fish catches. The best jigs are tied with non-tarnishing copper wire. Thread can degrade just like a rubber band.

- Jigs tied with rubber have more "life" in the water. They breathe. You can literally not move the bait and the rubber will float and move with the subtle flow of the water. This extra action is a proven fish attractor. Rubber skirts also add more bulk - which attract quality fish. 

- Quality hooks, powder coating and skirt materials last longer and add value to your investment. 

Overall, seriously tournament anglers favor premium jigs because of the action and durability over time.