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Warlord Standard Jig

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Our powerful Warlord jig answers the need for a stout, heavy-duty hooked jig that can be fished in a variety of situations. The Warlord is designed to stay upright on the lake or river bottom allowing the hook quick entry into the fish's mouth and a solid, bone-jarring hookset. Skirt action is excellent and adds the right amount of bulk and movement to entice the toughest bites. 

The Warlord Standard Jig skirt contains a minimum of 44 full strands of top quality silicone. Our thicker skirt adds volume and is easily thinned for a small profile presentation.

Features include:

  • Heads poured in USA via spincasting to eliminate air voids and ensure consistent weights
  • Skirts are hand-tied in Aiken.SC with tarnish resistant copper wire
  • Improved design that allows the bait to stand up on the bottom
  • Flat eye line tie to move through brush and
  • A large molded bait keeper
  • Hand-tied skirt made of square rubber and silicone with tarnish resistant copper wire
  • Durable powder-coated head
  • 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz - 4/0 Mustad 32796 Black Nickel Heavy Wire Ultra Point Hook
  • 3/4 oz - 5/0 Mustad 32796 Black Nickel Heavy Wire Ultra Point Hook